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Ordinary Buddha is not about religion, beliefs or theology of any sort. It is about discovering ways to live your life to the fullest through stories, posts, radio shows and skills.

“Finding Special in the Ordinary”  is all about uncovering your unique talents and gifts then going out into the world to share them with others. The hope is that through thoughtful conversation and communication we can all create better versions of ourselves. We may not be able to make the entire world a better place, but we can certainly improve the quality of our world. In the process, with enough time and enough people, true change will come globally.
Ordinary Buddha is about reaching deep and doing work that truly matters to you.   In the process you will be discovering the pure joy that comes from living a purposeful life.
We invite you to come and share your stories – read, listen and discover how others are “Finding Special in the Ordinary.” Then schedule your appointment and let us guide you along your Path to Extra-Ordinary.

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Read our posts and see how ordinary, daily experiences can lead to life-improving situations. See how special events such as marathons or martial arts, can open your eyes to see in new directions. We are all on a similar path, looking to improve our lives and the lives of others. Experience how the common really is not common.


listenHear our 9 minute blog talk radio show. Not everyone has an hour to spare in this busy world, but every person has 9 minutes. Our “9 to Fine” show features simple, easy to follow ideas and suggestions on topics such as how to make a commitment, improving your relationship with money, adding abundance to your life, finding your passion and much more.


scheduleCall today to schedule your personalized Coaching session. Affordable, powerful phone sessions, our “Ordinary to Extra-ordinary” Coaching sessions allow you to find, create or discover your dreams and life through them. These sessions are very private, very powerful and very life-enhancing.


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